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    What is the cost of delivery?
    Delivery is FREE (for information on delivery click here).
    What is a print?
    A print is a reproduction of an original piece of art work. For some, originals have the psychological benefit of being rare and the first incarnation of the artist's expression. They are however, usually much more expensive, the best and most famous originals cost thousands, even millions. The Card Players by Paul Cezanne sold for 259 million US dollars.
    What do you use my email for?
    Your email is mostly used to contact you with regards to your order. Your email is NEVER shared with a third party. Also, advertising is never sent to you via email unless you clearly specify that it is your wish to receive such correspondence.
    How do I get in contact?
    There is a contact page that you can access
    here (also accessible from the menu bar above). We endeavour to answer all emails in a timely fashion.
    Conditions for returning an item and quality guarantee
    All canvas is carefully checked and packed. As with any product in any business however, canvas may occasionally be damaged by a courier.

    The length of time available to claim a return for such an item is 72 hours from receiving the package.

    There is also a 100% quality guarantee on the construction of the canvas and you can return it if there is a flaw in the construction. Note however that this guarantee does extend to the product coming out exactly as it appears on the website. The intention of the website is to give a close representation, we regard this as important and seek to improve it an ongoing way. However, ultimately it can never be perfect as even slight color differences may occur due to your own monitor settings. None-the-less, you are of course still guaranteed a high level of quality in the construction of the canvas.

    Since these are reproductions, as with all reproductions, they of course will differ slightly from the original. For example, colors may be slightly different and on occasions reproductions may have a slight cropping on the edges. Returns due to differences between the original and the reproduction will only be given where the differences had led to an actual inferior reproduction and this is because Boutique Wall Art aims to provide quality reproductions, not exact reproductions. In these cases, the final decision to refund or not is subject to the discretion of Boutique Wall Art.
    About Delivery
    What is the cost of delivery?
    Delivery is free.
    Where do you deliver?
    To the continental Unites States (as on map below).
    How long does delivery take?
    Understandably, time to delivery varies depending on your location, typical times to both construct AND deliver the canvas are between four to eight business days. See the map below for transit times and add three days for construction.

    If Delivery is Taking Longer than Expected
    Due to the sheer volume of packages being moved through couriers, inevitably some packages will be misdirected (regardless of the product or courier). For this reason, in the rare occurrence that a package is late, consider giving up to 10-12 business days before pursuing the matter further. If the package must be received within a time frame and is late, then contact us so that we can investigate.
    What happens if a package is damaged in transit
    On a rare occasion, a package might be damaged in transit, if this happens we pay for it, however the claim must be made within 72 hours after receiving the package.
    About Canvas
    How durable is your product? Will the colors fade?
    The canvas, ink, and coatings are formulated to work together to provide a high quality, long lasting product. The materials are frequently tested in an in-house UV test chamber to ensure that color will stand the test of time and last as long or longer than any other canvas prints available.
    Does your canvas come ready to hang?
    How thick is the frame?
    1 1/4 inches.
    Can I hang the canvas in the bathroom?
    Can I hang the canvas in the rain?
    Can I hang the canvas in direct sunlight?
    The prints have a UV protective coating and can be hung in direct sunlight.
    Are there places the canvas should not be hung
    To keep the canvas lasting longer, hang away from excessive heat, rain and cooking fumes (for example, do not hang directly over a toaster or a stove).
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