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Earthrise Panoramic



NASA (or National Aeronautics and Space Administration) established in 1958, is the United States government agency which oversees the civilian space program as well as aeronautics and aerospace research. Some aims of NASA include space exploration, a greater understanding of earth science and to extend and sustain human activities across the solar system. In achieving such objectives, NASA has taken many interesting photographs of space, some of the best and most iconic are available on this site as a canvas print.


As the name suggests, Earthrise refers to the Earth rising over the horizon of the moon (such as the sun rises from Earth perspective). The first shots of Earthrise were taken by Apollo eight (it would not be until Apollo eleven, when people would land on the moon). While surveying and photographing the surface of the moon, the crew of Apollo eight unexpectedly saw the earth come over the horizon of the moon and immediately starting photographing. The image is highly iconic of the first human journey to another world. When he saw the earth like this, one of the astronauts, Lovell, described the earth as "a grand oasis in the vastness of space". 

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